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Ballet anytime, anywhere

Discover the one place where it’s never too late to start ballet.



Get Fit with Style

Skip the sweaty, crowded subway ride to the gym and dance to our ballet workouts in your living room instead. With access to an exclusive video library of workout plans, ballet-inspired fitness classes and ballet techniques, you’ll ditch your love handles and improve your flexibility in the comfort of your own home.

And have time for a cup of tea!


Ballet Fitness Workouts Plans



The Lazy Dancer Studio is for anyone who wants to do ballet without the hassle of getting to a class.

Whether you’re a pro dancer or a complete beginner, You’ll:

  • Discover workout plans that perfectly suit you and your lifestyle

  • Reduce the overwhelm of everyday life

  • Learn that you can do ballet at any stage in your life

  • Find out that getting in shape doesn’t have to be hard or boring

  • Dance at your convenience with the Lazy Dancer Tips App no matter how spotty the WiFi  - even on airplanes

  • Feel confident and beautiful with workouts that are gentle to your body and a challenge to your muscles

  • Improve your balance and your posture

  • Meet other members who love ballet as much as you do in the Forum and Private Facebook Group


What You Get

Affordable Monthly Subscription to Lazy Dancer Tips Studio

Affordable Monthly Subscription

Membership costs less than one apple per day. Sign up free to check out the Studio. There's no fixed contract and you can cancel anytime. 

Stream Ballet Fitness Videos including the Swan Lake Fitness Class.

Exclusive & Instant Access

Instantly stream exclusive members-only videos, including the Swan Lake Ballet-inspired fitness class. Watch new content each month. 


Ballet Fitness Workout Plans that suit your schedule.

Workout on your schedule

Try workout plans, ballet fitness classes and learn ballet techniques. Download the Lazy Dancer Tips App to dance offline.



Feel at home with ballet

Work out like a ballet dancer right in your home.
Join the Lazy Dancer family today.


Got Questions?

I’ve never danced before, is the Lazy Dancer Studio for me?

Yes, absolutely! The Lazy Dancer Studio has video programs for anyone who wants to do ballet from absolute beginners to professional dancers. Our ballet-inspired workouts help you feel strong, flexible and healthy even if you don’t have time to go to the gym. As a member, you’ll get access to fitness plans that let you choose how, where and when you want to work out. You can fit workouts into your busy day, even at the office. (Your desk doubles as a barre, did you know that?)

I’m a professional dancer, is the Lazy dancer Studio for me?

100%! If you’re a professional ballet dancer, the Studio has videos on how to perfect your pointe (no cashew allowed), the correct way to do splits and how to make a secure ballet bun and more. You’ll have no problem finding the right videos and programs in the Lazy Dancer Studio.

Will I bulk up with your exercises?

Absolutely not. The way we do exercises is designed to elongate the body. You’ll never see a bulky ballerina due to the nature of the exercises. The muscles will be shaped, toned and stretching will be the key for the long muscles.

How long will it take to see results ?

It all depends on the body. Most importantly it takes commitment, determination and discipline. Some people take up to 6 months to a year to achieve their desired fitness level, flexibility and strength. A very healthy diet is also very important. Remember your body is a complicated machine that needs the right fuel to function. A Ferrari will never run on Coca Cola.

What will I find in the Lazy Dancer Studio and how often will you upload new content?

You'll find the Foundation Library of all the Ballet steps, exclusive Ballet classes and Fitness classes, Swan Lake Fitness, Pointe Work, Extension series as well as early releases of YouTube videos. Keep in mind the Exclusive Library will grow EVERY MONTH. Whether it’s a new class, new workout series or Monthly Plans, there's always something juicy to work on. I promise you you won’t be disappointed. Also if you have any particular request, we’ll do our best to deliver.

Will you dedicate time to me?

I always reply to any questions you may have as soon as possible in the Lazy Dancer Studio forum. This way, everyone benefits from your question and the answers. Whether it’s a technical question, suggestion or anything else, I will give full priority to your questions.

Do I need any equipment such as a ballet barre?

No you don’t. Just hang on to something and enjoy the class. You won’t need any other kind of equipment. We only use our body weight or anything you can find at home, like cushions, chairs and cups of tea.

I workout in a space with no internet connection. What do I do?

When you join the Lazy Dancer Studio, you can download the app, sync videos you want to watch offline and take your device with you and dance anywhere.

Can I watch the videos on my TV?

Yes, you can. The Lazy Dancer Tips App can stream the videos to any Chromecast, Android tv and AirPlay devices.

I’m having technical problems with the Lazy Dancer Tips App. Who do I contact?

No worries, we’ll sort it out for you. Contact the Vidapp team here.