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Get fit with our online ballet fitness Classes.

Ballet Happens Right Here.


Hi, I'm Alessia.

I'm a professional ballet dancer and I LOVE ballet. I teach ballet online at the Lazy Dancer Studio to anyone who loves dance as much as I do - from trained dancers to busy office workers. I'm here to show you how to dance like a swan and sometimes (but not always) sweat like a crazy chicken.


Wanna have a dancer’s body?
It's simple. First, have a body. Second, dance!


Ballet for Life 

Dance is a discipline that teaches you how to live your best life even if you're rushing from one meeting to the next. Whether you want to do the splits the right way, reduce back pain or fit into your skinny jeans again - I’ll help you organize a fitness plan that suits your busy lifestyle. Your body (and soul) will thank you.


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Ballet at your Fingertips

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Feel at home with ballet

Work out like a ballet dancer right in your home. Start Dancing Now and Join the Lazy Dancer family today.


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