Can You do the Split?


Why can’t I split it ?

Oh, the splits! Front splits, middle splits, banana splits- they’re all good and they all serve a purpose.

Today, I really want to take a minute to remind us all, that achieving your splits is dependant on 5 key factors.

  1. Time.

    Achieving your maximum range for your splits, regardless of whether it’s front or middle, takes time. Lots and lots of time. The human body is not made to change overnight. It is simple physiology- we are not built to stretch like Gumby after one day of practice. The entire body has to adapt to the changes being asked of it. It takes time. Which brings me to our second point.

  2. Patience.

    Patience is a virtue, one we must consciously practice daily. From getting frustrated by traffic, to getting upset with our ability to make physical changes- patience is an undebatable necessity. Be patient, be kind to yourself, these things take time- and that’s OK. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the splits aren’t achieved in a day, or even a week! These changes take many weeks, or sometimes months, to master- IF you are practicing safely and correctly. There’s a reason why I broke up the Splits Series into 4 separate videos. Each one is meant to be done for a healthy amount of time, without injuring yourself. So, please, be patient.

  3. Consistency.

    If you are looking to master your splits, you must be consistent in your practice routine. It can’t be something you do every now and again. There must be a level of daily consistency if you are to see results. One or two days one week, and then nothing for another week or two, isn’t going to help you. Be consistent.

  4. Get Used to Discomfort.

    There is a big difference between discomfort and pain. An action that feels uncomfortable won’t send you to the ER. An action that induces serious pain, on the other hand, will tell your brain, “no no no, go seek medical attention.” They are not the same thing. Stretching our bodies a little further and a little further each day is going to be uncomfortable for a while, but that discomfort is normal. Breathe through it and stop pushing when your body says so- and, believe me it will tell you. Listen to your body and breathe through the discomfort, it will pass.

  5. Practice Safely.

    As I mentioned before, I broke up the Splits Series into 4 parts for a good reason. It’s not just because I like making lots of videos, it’s because my #1 priority is Safety. With that in mind, if you are following the videos as intended, you will reach your goal. But, don’t try to skip ahead when you know full-well your body isn’t ready. One step at a time. You’ll get there.

    Best of luck, and lots of love to all you lovely Lazy Dancers- now let’s Split It!

    If you find yourself feeling short of inspiration, remember you can download the Get Ballerina Fit workout. What helps you the most when fatigue sets in? Let me know in the comments below, so we can all learn from each other. Let’s keep dancing!


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