how to value yourself more and how it changed my life


How embracing my own self-worth changed my life for the better

After twenty years of dancing at a professional level, in a way I was told I had to dance if I was ever to be successful, I finally found the courage to walk away. I walked away from the criticism and the nay-sayers, and I intentionally put myself in a new place with a new state of mind. I took this time to really look at myself honestly, and I questioned what it meant to me to be an artist, to be a dancer. 

Once I embraced my own value, my own self-worth, I went back to the stage and I attacked it with the most genuine performance of my life. It was nothing short of a life changing experience. I was finally dancing for me. I was finally dancing the way I wanted to, as an artist. From this performance, I took that newfound sense of purpose, and poured my heart into making the Lazy Dancer Tips on-line studio the most positive and inclusive force for change I could.

I want you to know, we can all have that same feeling, that same moment of clarity. We can all embrace our true value. Everyone deserves to feel strong and beautiful! All it takes is a moment of self-reflection. And, trust me, it’s not that scary. I can be quite the perfectionist; and, if I can do it, you can do it. 

It’s so easy to ramble off a list of things we want to change about ourselves. But, when’s the last time you acknowledged something you like about yourself? Not as easy, is it? But, I’d like you to try- just for a moment- to say something you value about yourself. It doesn’t matter what it is. None of our strengths are small or insignificant. They all matter, because you wouldn’t be you without them! 

Be proud of your strengths, whatever they are. If you are a good mother, own it. If you are a gifted artist, say it. If you are a good listener, or a compassionate friend, or a savvy business person, whatever it is- own it, be proud of it! Embrace what you value about yourself, and let it shine. Because, when we value ourselves, we give value to everything and everyone around us- it is a truly beautiful thing.

This sense of self-worth, this feeling that we are all valuable and unique, has a domino effect. Simply put, when we value ourselves, we value others. When we value others, we value humanity. When we value humanity, we value our home- this third rock from the sun, this Earth.

Now, don’t worry, I’m not going to get all preachy on you. But, I will tell you, when I started to really value myself, I started paying more attention to my own lifestyle choices. And, after a while, I realized that I feel good about myself when I choose cruelty-free options for me and my home. Not too surprising, I know.


So, embrace your inner granola loving, tree-hugging, hippy-dippy self! There’s nothing weird about caring about each other the environment! And, even the smallest lifestyle choices can have an impact. From what kind of toilet paper we use, to what kind of jewelry we wear- simple lifestyle choices like this have a lasting impact.

But, just because I am mindful of how and what I purchase, it doesn’t mean I can’t treat myself to life’s little indulgences. We all deserve to feel beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself sometimes. Especially when you’ve worked hard for it! I’ve worked hard to bring the joy of ballet to everyone- not only the elite. And, I am proud of that! So, remember, it’s OK to admit when you are proud of something you’ve accomplished, or something you are good at. You should celebrate it! And, surprisingly, finding ways to spoil myself in a way that is still in-line with my own lifestyle choices was easier than I thought. I am not a unique snowflake, I like to dress up and feel pretty too! 

In fact, thanks to one of our own lovely Lazy Dancer Studio members, and her lab grown online jewelry store, Mon Moissanite™, I’ve recently learned about affordable, conflict-free jewelry! And, because designers from around the globe contribute their designs to the site, each piece has its own personality- I love that idea. I was really excited to find out there is an affordable way to have real, not fake, gorgeous jewels to wear for date night- one that doesn’t leave a giant carbon footprint, unlike mined gemstones, and doesn’t put anyone in harms way. 

In case you haven’t heard of it, Moissanite is a gorgeous gem. It’s even more brilliant than a diamond- which means more rainbows, more sparkle! Along with Moissanite, there are also lab grown diamonds; so, Mon Moissanite™ really does offer fine jewelry for everyone, at any budget, for any purpose- and, we all deserve to sparkle, right?!

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Now, let’s keep dancing!


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