How to Get in Shape for Summer the Lazy Dancer Way


Summer is approaching and we find ourselves in the same old situation: We haven't done anything for the whole winter and we now Hope in a Miracle!
Let me tell you what happens to your body when you happily sit comfortably on your couch for few months.


What happens to your body when you don't exercise for a 2-3 months?

  • The muscle tone and strength only takes few weeks to be completely lost and go back to base line.

    Speed, strength and endurance decreases, that’s why athletes keep their body on track every day.
    Yes, resting is important, and some chose to workout lightly during their off time. Your brain also doesn’t get as much oxygen, therefore you might feel a little cloudy, stressed and tired while you are not exercising.
    Sleep might feel deprived too, the lack of exercise will increase levels of energy and tension in the body which leads to restless nights.

Oh, that's discouraging! How Do I Get Back in Shape and WHERE DO I START?

  • Pilates, Yoga Exercises and Ballet Body Conditioning are perfect to start, they are low impact on the body and build up strength, work on alignment and posture.

    These will get rid of back pains, ugly posture we have had for long time. Remember to concentrate on breathing which is important for blood and oxygen circulation throughout the muscles, and gain stability in the core to sustain the whole body for more intense work you are planning to add later.

  • Exercising also increases the production of Endophin in your body which means that you'll feel generally Happier!

How Often Should I Workout?

  • The best thing is to start a couple of times a week or 10 min a day for the first week.

    The gradual build up of exercises and intensity is the best way to get your body to the desired level of fitness and achieve your body goal. Obviously we need to incorporate a Healthy Diet.
    Exercise by itself won’t work if we feed our body junk. Our body is a complicated machine that needs the Right Fuel to function.

I'm not sure what I'm doing, anything I need to know BEFORE I start the Workout?

  • Be warmed up, Don’t Overdo it on the first week, gradually build up strength and stamina.

    Warming up the body is the first step to injury-free workouts.

    The muscles need to be “chewy” and oxygenated to be able to function properly.
    Overdoing exercises on the first day will only set you back as your body will hurt too much for the excess build up of toxins that the body cannot get rid of.
    A bit of pain will be there but if we cannot move the day after we will only feel discouraged.
    The gradual build up week by week will help us getting our body used to the movements and exercises. If the exercise becomes too easy, that’s the cue to add extra sets and increase intensity.

  • Keep working out when on holiday! Smile, Laugh and Enjoy :)

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