Why Counting Calories when trying to Lose Weight is a 'Waste of Time'

It is on everyone's mind,
how many calories does this exercise burn, how many calories is in this meal, how many calories do I need to burn to achieve my daily goal.

But let’s start with common sense

100 grams of Fries are about 312 Calories, they are fried, they have lots of fat and pretty much zero vitamins.

Talking about Fatty foods
an avocado has 160 calories for 100 grams, it has good fats rich and it’s rich in vitamins

with two slices of wholemeal bread it come to  394 calories.

Now talking about common sense, which one are you going to chose to feel fuller, with lots of energy that is good for your body.

The fact that we go for comfort food it will of course have a very satisfying impact on us, the flavor, the immediate reward of feeling good… but then what are you left with? more cravings.

Here’s an example

Imagine driving a car, you put gasoline in it right?
Let’s say that one day you decide to put a drop of plutonium in the tank…
the car will certainly not run any faster… it will certainly explode, unless you are Doc Brown and you are able to build a car that goes back to the future.

Our body is the same. it’s complicated machine that needs the right fuel to function. No car runs on cola neither does this one you are living your life in.

5 Things you need to do right Now INSTEAD of counting calories

  1. Be sensible
    No-one is saying you cannot have pizza, but if you are trying to lose weight, try to cut it to once a month , it can be your reward and the feeling will be so much nicer. Especially if you are exercising and want to shape your body make sure you know what your body needs to feel more energetic, how you can work your machine at the highest standards, and above all making it run the longest.

  2. Get rid of all the junk food in your kitchen pantry and avoid buying it at the supermarket
    If you don’t see it. you don’t have it, you don’t crave it.

    Also whenever you walk in the store don’t be tempted. Supermarkets and brands do it on purpose. We are attracted by fun colorful packaging placed at the perfect eyesight for you to buy. Did you know that brands and supermarkets have a very interesting tactic to make you buy things they want? Did you know that the cheaper and healthier options are hidden either on highest shelves or down the bottom where you cannot see them?

    The play very good mind tricks for you to buy all the crap they offer. They make money on the unhealthy stuff you buy. they make money on your health, because the more you feel like crap the more money they make in pharmaceutical products. So be strong and think about yourself and every time you are tempted say “ You won’t win my health”

  3. If you are exercising you definitely need to burn calories
    Therefore you need more to make your body to function. And I know how you feel after exercising, I don’t know you but i’d definitely want to eat someone”s arm. But again, do you think a bowl of fries would be good to your body to rebuild muscles fibres (you need proteins for this) re-hydrate the body and again the muscles, do you think that all the sugars and fats will satisfy your cravings, do you think you’ll feel full for long? The answer is no! And again we o back to point 1 being sensible.

    That pizza, that tea spoon of Chocolate spread (80 Calories per ts), those fries, turn into sugars and they turn to fat, bad fat.
    And they turn into fat FAST!

  4. Stop obsessing about food
    The more you think about calories the more you think about food, the more you are a slave to food and you don’t enjoy life.
    If you are strict  to only counting calories you’ll feel exhausted, it becomes a game of the mind, you don’t enjoy food, you are a slave of those numbers.

    Enjoying food it’s important, it only come down to changing the mindset and knowing that a bowl of fresh sugary fruit, will definitely be better for you than a toast with nutella. They are both sweet, they both have lots of calories.
    Fresh mango, bananas, blueberries and kiwi fruit for a salad containing approximately 107 calories per cup
    Nutella on toast 190 calories
    In one you have good sugars, fibres, vitamins, carbs, in the other fat and sugars.

    Which one will be good for you?

  5. Get rid of the guilt, ENJOY eating real and move
    You need to stop feeling guilty about the numbers and know that exercising and eating well will shape your body the way you want it. Exercising and eating well must be complementary to each other  and if you are stuck with exercising you can can find my top Tips here and exercises to become ‘Ballerina Fit’ - Free Guide Download .

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If your body feels good,  your energy level increases, if you exercise and eat well your metabolism activates and you feel good. It’s a vicious happy circle, that once you start you cannot get rid of.
The more comfortable you feel with yourself, the more you want to do, the more you will want to continue this journey.
I know you are thinking, this is impossible, or I might do it at some point, or I’m not ready to start a DIET.

I’m not asking you to deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating, I’m telling you you can feel good by only changing your lifestyle.

Even if you are busy and the only thing you can find are ready meals ask yourself those questions:

  • which one is the best for me?

  • Which one is to going to make me feel sleepy, bloated and awful after i’ve eaten it?

  • Which option can make me feel good and energized?

Your body can be shaped as you want it, but the first thing you must do is to really want it.

Of course I’m here for you, so if you have any question or want to start a conversation, feel free to leave a message below :)


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